Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Going down !

Propaganda - Only one word

Betsi Miller, que voz !

The Art Of Noise - The Holy Egoism Of Genius

Debussy didn't believe in god. He didn't believe in the Establishment. He
Didn't believe in bourgeois convention. He didn't believe in Beethoven or
Wagner. He believed in... Debussy.

Debussy understood that a work of art, or an effort to create beauty, was
Always regarded by some people as a personal attack.

He hated to appear in public. Hated to conduct. Hated to play the piano at
Concerts. He preferred cats to people.

No one was ever sure whether the spites with which Debussy armed his
Volatile sensibilities were activated by a savage insensitivity, or by the
Holy egoism of genius.

Mood Swing No. 2. Inspired by the Art Of Noise album "Seduction of Claude Debussy"

Prince Musicology Live (rehearsal and real performance) on the Tonightshow With Jay Leno

Incrivel as coisas que estão disponiveis de Prince hoje em dia. Este album é brilhante. E a Candy Dulfer no Saxofone resolve muita coisa. E Maceo, claro !

Koko - Captain of her heart (Kiko Navarro Slowly Rmx)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A montar a tenda !

Aproxima-se um grande show !

Sunday, May 08, 2016